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Defense in Child Protective Services Litigation in Texas

Child Protective Services (CPS), formally known as the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), are called in when allegations of abuse or neglect are reported. It is deeply stressful to deal with CPS, and these cases can be notoriously difficult to handle. At The Law Office of Patrick O’Fiel, P.C., we guide you through every step of the proceeding in order to keep your family together. You benefit from over 20 years of experience and the knowledge of a fifth-generation Kerrville attorney and his dedicated team. Let us help you make informed, thoughtful decisions that can resolve your case.

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What Happens When CPS Is Called?

A CPS case starts after allegations of abuse or neglect are reported. An investigator will be assigned to the case to determine whether or not the report is credible. They will speak with your child, parents, teachers, doctors, relatives, and friends in order to determine what may have happened. The case is built against you from the evidence obtained here.

Including a staunch advocate on your side can help secure a favorable outcome. Our Kerrville family lawyer utilizes all available time and resources to represent your interests. The quicker that we take on your case, the faster our family law firm can protect your parental rights.

We Are Ready to Work for You

When you don’t know what to expect, work with a Texas law firm willing to provide committed, honest legal guidance throughout the process. When the custody of your child is on the line, we leave no stone unturned. Let our Kerrville family law attorneys get to work on your behalf to provide some peace of mind during this turbulent time.

Our Clients Love Working With Us Because:

  • Attorney O'Fiel is a fifth-generation attorney raised around the tenets of the law
  • We personally handle every case we take on from start to finish
  • We provide personalized attention to detail to secure positive results
  • Our firm has over 20 yearsof experience serving the Kerrville community and surrounding areas
  • Our access to experts and professionals to aid your case


When CPS is knocking at your door, time is of the essence. Contact our talented Kerrville CPS attorney for reliable representation – call (830) 331-5977.