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Making the decision to end a marriage is never easy or taken lightly. If you are looking to file for divorce or have had divorce served on you, our law firm can help guide you through the entire process. The divorce process can be overwhelming and we seek to make this as easy as possible for you and your family.

Bringing over 15 years of professional experience and coming from five generations of lawyers, The Law Office of Patrick O’Fiel, P.C. has successfully assisted hundreds of people through this emotional time. We are the legal team that you want in your corner. We have a reliable team of experts and professionals that we utilize in order to ensure that your every need is met.

When Should I Hire A Lawyer For Divorce?

If you have never been divorced before, the process may feel scary and uncomfortable. Hiring a divorce attorney will take care of the difficult tasks, allowing you more time to take care of yourself and your family.

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Protecting Your Interests During a Divorce

There is a great deal at stake during a divorce, from child custody, splitting shared assets, to preserving separate assets. Our firm takes all possible steps to secure your best outcome and give you the tools you need to succeed during this new chapter in your life. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals that come to us during this stressful time in their lives.

Clients choose to work with our firm because:

  • We bring over 15 years of experience providing legal counsel to Texans
  • We have tried numerous cases to verdict regarding custody of children and property
  • We have exclusive access to a network of experts and professionals
  • We are the fifth generation law office, meaning we eat, sleep, and breathe law
  • We have a history of community involvement and respect in the Texas Hill County

With a reputation for skilled representation, we understand how important it is to trust your family lawyer when going through a divorce. We act as your advocate, helping you make important legal decisions that affect your family for years to come. Outside and inside of the courtroom, The Law Office of Patrick O’Fiel, P.C. is here for you.

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