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When you have been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, you want an experienced and aggressive lawyer to protect your rights. In addition to fines and the possibility of incarceration, you risk the loss of your license and your job. Your attorney must be someone understands the serious nature of the charges against you and will dedicate all their efforts to protecting your constitutional rights.

Our experienced DWI attorneys represent clients throughout Kerrville, the Texas Hill Country, and surrounding areas. We operate using innovative problem-solving strategies and draw on considerable legal experience to help clients make informed decisions. Every case deserves personal attention from your lawyer, which is why we carefully manage our caseloads and only take on cases we can dedicate significant time and energy.

The firm offers a confidential consultation to every new client. Call Local at (830) 331-5977 or contact us online today.

Our DWI Defense Practice

We handle all matters related to charges of drinking and driving, from the administrative hearing regarding the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges to the criminal proceeding to establish guilt or innocence and set the penalties. We protect the rights of first-time as well as repeat offenders and handle misdemeanor or felony DWI cases.

When you hire us to defend you on a drunk driving charge, we will conduct an exhaustive investigation of the facts and circumstances of your arrest, including whether police or law enforcement officers had probable cause to pull you over. We will verify that field sobriety and breathalyzer/blood alcohol tests were properly administered and that you were properly advised of your rights. If there are irregularities, we will seek the exclusion of evidence and/or the dismissal of all charges against you.

To schedule a personal and confidential meeting with an experienced Kerrville DWI attorney, contact us at (830) 331-5977. We serve Texas Hill County and surrounding areas.

Attorney Focused on Treatment & Recovery

Unique & Compassionate Defense

At The Law Office of Patrick O’Fiel, P.C., our lawyer is focused on providing representation that is not only helpful in the courtroom but outside of it as well. We understand that the law might be behind in how it can help those who are suffering from issues with chemical dependency. That’s why we are focused on progressing the law through our recovery defense strategy.

Dedicated Legal Representation

Offering personalized legal strategies that are focused on serving the needs of each individual client.