What Are Your Rights as a Father in a Child Custody Case?

Texas child custody laws do not state a preference for one parent over the other in child custody cases. Advocates and attorneys often point to this fact when asked about fathers’ rights in child custody cases.

However, as a practical matter, it can be challenging for fathers to exert their rights to equal parenting time, and even more difficult for a father to prove that he, not the mother, is the better custodial parent. These are not the only legal issues that fathers face during and after divorce.

Other common areas where fathers’ rights are challenged include:

  • Child support orders that do not accurately reflect the father’s current income (learn more about child support at the Child Support Division of the Texas Office of the Attorney General
  • The mother’s refusal to comply with a visitation or parenting time order
  • Parental alienation syndrome, where the child’s mother actively works to turn the child against his or her father
  • The mother’s failure to report changes in her own circumstances that would lower the father’s monthly child support obligation (click this link to read more about Texas child support)
  • False accusations by the mother of spousal abuse or child abuse
  • The children are being placed in harm’s way while in the mother’s custody, and the father wants to change the custody order

If you are a father worried about protecting your rights with regard to your children, it is important to seek qualified legal help. Texas family laws can be used to support your case and secure your right to parenting time with your children, but the sooner you hire an advocate to argue on your behalf, the better.

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